Discernment X Ray Vision Vol. 2

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Discernment XRay Part 2.png

Discernment X Ray Vision Vol. 2


This is Volume 2 of the Discernment X Ray Vision Series. Volume 1 can be found by clicking here


The gift of Discernment is a vital tool that will equip you in walking by The Spirit. This Prophetic Curriculum will begin to open your eyes and ears in The Spirit to see and hear greater that ever before. First you must understand why you need the gift of discernment. When you understand why this gift is needed then you will begin to utilize this gift as a weapon of warfare that will become a revolutionary tool in you life. 


Teaching in this series includes:

  • How revelation and wisdom connect.
  • Who needs discernment?
  • Weapons used against the enemy.
  • Gods instructions of the divine gift. 
  • Directions for your spiritual walk. 
  • Gift of The Spirit.
  • Hitting the target!
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