Prophetic Activations

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Prophetic Activations Disctionary Book Cover.jpg

Prophetic Activations



Dr. Bill Hamon, Founder and Bishop of Christian International Ministries, uses the term “activation” as he ministers all over the world “activating” the Body of Christ in prophetic ministry.


The term activation has become a familiar word to convey the stirring up of the Holy Spirit within us to bring the gifts He has given to us to a greater level of

“life and effectiveness.”


The activations listed in this book are for the purpose of conducting team activations for church prophetic teams. Each activation is written so

that you can make copies. You can be selective about which activations you want to do for a particular training session. The lines, number of people, number

of groups and size of room are to be filled in by you. There is also a place for you to write any variations of the activation. It is possible to increase the difficulty of

the activations by increasing the speed, the accuracy, or the focus.

Activation is not just a mental construct, although you need to fully understand all the aspects activation to train and teach. Activation requires the spiritual impartation of those with anointing and gifting. The spiritual process of activating requires:

  • A clear understanding of how to activate.
  • Impartation from anointed teachers.
  • Maturity providing wisdom about activating.
  • Proven and tested godly results in training.
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