Bill and LaRue have been in ministry together since they first began to date in Austin, Texas.  It was there that LaRue sang on TV in a duet with her good friend Karen, while Bill accompanied them on the organ.

LaRue grew up actively involved in a vibrant Pentecostal church. Her social life consisted of evangelistic meetings, fellowships and youth meetings. Here she learned how to lead, teach, sing, lead worship and minister the heart of Jesus.  Her pastor was an evangelist contemporary from the time of Oral Roberts and Katherine Kuhlman.  In 1952, in Austin, Texas, under the ministry of Mildred Wicks, the national polio poster girl was completely healed.

Bill grew up in the Episcopal church.  He came to know Jesus fully as Lord and Savior in 1967 at a Baptist Encampment in the hill country of central Texas.  He and LaRue met when he was giving his testimony at a youth meeting at the Pentecostal church she attended.

Since the time they were married, they have continued in ministry.  They have served the Body of Christ in various capacities: on staff at many local churches, traveling all over the United States and the nations, and traveling and ministering in local churches. They have strong roots in the local church to train, equip and release, and they have mighty doors of opportunity to activate, impart, demonstrate and “reproduce reproducers” in the Body of Christ.

They are currently on staff as elders and part of a pastoral team at Vision Church at Christian International.  As elders, they oversee the prophetic training outreach through the local church.  Their ministry together has been characterized by the “Passion and Love” they have for the Lord and every move of God.

Bill and LaRue believe in family ministry as has been modeled by Bishop and Mom Hamon and their children.  The Lackie’s children are actively involved in family ministry at Vision Church.  They are also involved with Frontline International, the national and international expression of their local vision and position.

Bill’s and LaRue’s heart is to impact and transform lives. Fullness and fruitfulness are the testimony of the Lackies after 45 years of seasoned ministry.