Discernment X-Ray Vision Power Point

Discernment XRay Part 1 JPG EDITED .jpg
Discernment XRay Part 1 JPG EDITED .jpg

Discernment X-Ray Vision Power Point


This is the Power Point for the Course Discernment X-Ray Vision Volume 1


Description of Discernement X Ray Vision:

The gift of discernment is a powerful gift in the Body of Christ.  Discernment is a necessary gift for all prophets and a great blessing to the Body of Christ.  The gift of discernment mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:10 is the discerning of spirits.  With this gift you can clearly see the impact of the Holy Spirit and demonic spirits.  You can also discern the human spirit.  This gift will release to you very accurate revelation for prophesying, counseling and leading people.


You can receive spiritual and natural discernment as the Holy Spirit guides you through life experiences.  This type of discernment grows as you learn God’s viewpoint toward each circumstance.  Experiential discernment is grown through the gift of wisdom and the impartation of wisdom through others.


Both types of discernment are vital to the believer, the leader and the prophet.  Your spiritual and natural life will be transformed through these gifts given to the Body of Christ.  Come and join us in Discernment…X-Ray Vision to establish your gift and skill of discernment.  You will begin to be amazed at how you ever lived without these gifts from God!


Teaching in this series includes:

  • Wisdom and Revelation
  • Discernment: Pure Gold Value to the Church.
  • Weapons ofWarfare: Deliverance and Intercession 
  • Going up to the High Places
  • Discernment: Walking by The Spirit
  • Discernment: Recipe of Linking with the Gifts of The Spirit
  • Hitting the Nail on the Head: The Laser Beam anointing. 
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