More Seen in the Year 2017 : Prophet Bill Lackie

Word of the Lord 2017 : Prophet Bill Lackie 

Kaleidoscope Vision

Vision from God for the 2017 WOL

In my dream, I had a toy Kaleidoscope in my Hand. I remember looking at the kaleidoscope from difference angles but wasn’t sure how it worked. Finally, I looked through the correct end, and I could see that they were many different shapes displayed within the kaleidoscope. This new toy was more confusion to me than fun and began to get frustrated with it just look at black and white shapes inside the toy kaleidoscope. My eye was fixed on the contents of the kaleidoscope, but I didn’t realize you could turn the cylinder and create new shapes. I was definitely focused on what looked like a puzzle, that didn’t move.

For the first part of my search, the kaleidoscope seemed to be about figuring out all the shapes in black and white. Then, I learned to turn the cylinder and the shapes would move and make different shapes. With this, I was shocked, thinking perhaps the kaleidoscope was broken. I was seriously thinking about hitting the cylinder on the counter hoping that the shapes would begin to move. Excitedly, I realized the more I turned it the more the shapes moved and made new very different shapes.

As I continued turning the cylinder, the colors of the shapes began to take color. At first, I saw the shapes take on a red color, then bright blue, and green. Wow it was like a picture show following your wildest and most creative thoughts. Each shape took on a different message because I started to realize. I was not the only one turning the kaleidoscope. It was a force that I began to think was God. Along with the message of the shapes and colors changing I realized that the kaleidoscope began to turn without me touching it. “What in the world” I began to think inside…God is interested in everything I do.

Then, I heard God tell me that, “I will turn your circumstances.” I went silent and began to think inside that my most difficult of circumstances God could change. My most impossible feelings could be healed. My greatest fears could be quieted by this God, that I knew was huge and bigger than anything. I know that He is the God who created all things even me. After waiting a time, various other colors began to turn. Instead of red, blue, and green…colors of gold, purple, and silver. I soon began to hear that God was getting to break in on my circumstances. Royalty was the word that I continued to hear, but I had to meditate to let it penetrate my heart.

Then surprisingly the kaleidoscope began to turn by itself. Oh my, I wanted to back away and leave the kaleidoscope along. It seemed to be eerie even though I knew that it was God. The more and more I thought about it, I realized that He was moving closer and more intimately to me. I wanted to accept it but at first I also wanted to run.

Then, I heard again only with more loud than any voice I have ever heard. I want you to know that I will turn your circumstances. What looks impossible to you is not impossible with me. Watch me I’m going to make a way where there seems to be no way. In your future I will open doors that cannot be shut. Look to see and focus and watch as my hand begins to move in your life. This is the year of the turnaround. I will make all things work together for good.

After He quit talking, the kaleidoscope continued to move rapidly without touching it. The interconnecting of the different shapes and colors would create the most excellent of designs. I thought it was not possible for man to see and create such beauty. When God begins to step up in His throne and display His beauty and creativity, we will be standing in awe. The more the shapes changed each time a different message would be communicate. Open your eyes and listen attentively as you have never seen as I will reveal in this year.

When I thought I had experienced all that could be enjoyed…I heard music. It was majestic and like the sound of a multi keyboard pipe organ. This small kaleidoscope was releasing heaven to me. The light, the color, the sound, and the message from heaven. This year more will be seen in 2017.

Topics for the WOL Content

- The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

  • The enemy will try to do his best to undermine the plans of God. The scripture says, “Many are the afflictions of the Righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.” Remember this is a year of blessing, but it is necessary for you to war and stand for the fullness of God to break out.

- Special Provision to plow and to gain Territory for the Kingdom

  • This is the year that the Lord is releasing provision. In health, wealth, and territory, supernatural strength and unexpected finances will be released as a part of God’s confirmation and love. Favor is not something you earn. it is something given.

- Declarations and Covering prayer for leadership for Life and Death Protection

  • The season we are entering will continue to require powerful declarations, releasing the blood covering of Jesus over our President, political officials, and all levels of leadership in of life. The enemy has been put on guard because of the active movement of God and His kingdom. His attempt is to destroy the plans of God through the leadership God has put in place

- Unity will come together for the Kingdom as never before

  • The anointing of God is being released causing a supernatural love to knit together the hearts of leadership. The type of unity that is being formed is a unity that supersedes all natural human ability. There is a divine knitting of hearts together forming a heavenly wall of divine protection and purpose. A release of humility is laying the foundation allowing each person to defer one another as God continues to complete His divine purpose.

- Work while it is still yet day

  • Opportunity is before us and God has prepared of path of His divine light which will cause all to stand strong with no shadow of turning. This provision of day-time is a set time in which God is wanting His children to occupy. Occupying which it is yet day, is a strategy allowing His kingdom to advance with clear breakthrough. This daylight is a result of His glory. His glory is shining His divine light. Working while it is yet day implies that we are to follow His path, which is His glory shining before us for His purpose.

- Working on marriages in 2017

  • A movement of the Holy Spirit is going forth to bring the “balm of Gilead” to wounds, confusion, and frustration, which will heal and bring divine order. More than ever before the unity and power that comes from marriages, that are Godly will be demonstrated in 2017.

- Team building in cities, states and nations

  • God is going to use natural circumstances to bring a team spirit within cities, states, and nations. This team purpose will allow the unifying of government and the purpose of government to spread within communities. You will find people from diverse backgrounds working together in uncharacteristic ways.

- Prayer for 2017 is Atomic Intercession

  • Atomic intercession will be demonstrated as people pray hitting the root-nucleus of each issue. With laser beam anointing, God will begin to strike like lightening rightly dividing His purpose and allowing the fruit of intercession to be established. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous (man or woman) avails much.

- The Spirit of Delay is Broken

  • The fruit of delay being broken will be seen in divine connections, knitting themselves into the fabric of His end time structure. The delay that has been there to some point has been God preparing His timing and people, for His purpose. One day soon in the future we will see God’s marching power energizing a forward movement that will not be hindered.

- Action Will Bring Activation

  • Action will be the key to release the wind of the Spirit to activate hidden purposes within our lives. You will feel as if you headed in one direction only to find, that you turn an opposite direction as the Lord brings clear revelation. Deep within each person is the activating DNA place there since birth. This is the season to bring these strategies to the surface.

- New Shift is Releasing Salvations

  • There is a wave of change that is going to release the conviction salvation anointing to people, who have never known the Lord. These salvations are part of the end-time harvest that being released in 2017. New converts are going to fill empty places within churches and God’s kingdom.

- Churches Prepare for Influx

  • As we prepare for influx, we must also prepare for leaders and trainers to help mentor people to a new place of responsibility and kingdom fruit. Jesus is calling his harvests to be trained and matured as leaders and trainers of tomorrow.

- Expanding in Spirit Will Bring Changes on the Inside

  • As the Holy Spirit grows His purpose on the inside of us. We need to stretch to receive His fullness. Sometimes it might seem overwhelming, but this fullness is the earnest of our destiny and expand to receive all that the Lord has for us.

- The Purpose of Growth is to Reach Those Who Feel Lost

  • As many grow with maturity, God is placing within each heart a desire, for the lost. Many, who have taken the Lord as their savior during this time of transition, feel lost not understanding the will of God. The desire of the Lord is to reach every confused, lost soul to establish them…grounding and founding them in His purpose.

- The Five Fold Will of God

  • As the 5 fold are being released and representing the mantle of Jesus Christ…greater understanding will be released to interpret the manifold wisdom of God’s will. The interpretation of the will of God has been viewed through the glasses of the pastoral or the teacher, but God is releasing His wisdom to the kingdom of His 5 fold will.

- Layer Upon Layer and Precept Upon Precept

  • One step at a time the revelation of God will release the foundational principles of a brand new season. This revelation is one concept and perceptual understanding at a time. Be patient with this step by step process, revealing heavenly purposes being birthed in 2017.