W E L C O M E!

Frontline International is a present-truth ministry to the Body of Christ.  It was birthed out of our hearts in 1998, as God began to call us out of local church staff ministry into our call and destiny as Apostles and Prophets to teach, train, equip and release the Army of God.  For 30 years, LaRue and I have been involved teaching, training, activating and doing this cutting edge ministry, calling people out of their “churchianity” into the Kingdom of God Army in this hour.

We are actively connected as elders, staff members, pastors and an Apostle - Prophet Team at Vision Church @ Christian International (the local church expression of the international ministry of Dr. Bill Hamon, President and Founder of Christian International Ministries.)  Apostles Tom and Jane Hamon are the Senior Pastors and vision holders of Vision Church @ CI.  We have been at Vision Church @ CI and Christian International for 26 years in August of 2016.

Frontline International is the national and international expression of our local prophetic team ministry at Vision Church.  The prophetic teams minister to anywhere from 500 to 1500 people monthly in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Frontline is actively raising up Schools of the Prophets and Equipping Centers, nationally and internationally. Prophet Bill and his team travel ministering a NOW prophetic word to leaders, churches (their leaders and congregation) and to the region (300-500 mile radius) where Vision Church is planted.