Prophetic Strategy for Changing Times

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Prophetic Strategies.jpg

Prophetic Strategy for Changing Times


Change is God moving you forward. Change is a GOD thing even if we don't like it. Understand what change God is calling for by The Spirit is a huge key for the Body of Christ. Its time for us to dance the dance of Change with God. He is calling us to bring forth the change that He Desires. When you realize that God never changes, then you begin to understand that we are the ones that must change and then birth the change that He desires. Sometimes, when you go through any type of change, it can be challenging to separate what you desire from what He desires. This teaching shows how to get the word of The Lord in seasons of change. 


Teaching in this series includes:

  • God never changes. 
  • God is the eternal foundation. 
  • From Egypt to Canaan... God's Process of Change. 
  • Changing... From Glory to Glory. 
  • Possessing... Going up to Jericho. 
  • My Head Says Yes... My Heart Says No. 
  • Behold! All things are new!
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